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The real estate development in India is witnessing an outstanding growth in the last few decades. It has reached a remarkable investment growth of ITES, IT, MNC and Domestic companies. The Indian realty segment is a big industry that gives a high turnaround profit. Thus, the property investment and owning a property in India has been a main thing for non-residents and residents of India. Since, increasing number of popular real estate search engines that offer varied services to the customers, including buy and sell and rental properties in India.

As a result, the use of online property search has also rapidly increased. This enables lots of people to go online every day and search for their desired property requirements. They do a realty search through some popular web portals like Magic Bricks, 99 Acres, India Properties and many more. In current days the emerging trend of online property search, which helps people buy and sell their property in an easy way.

Why Growing Demand in India by using Real Estate Search Engines

Likewise, all service providers creating their special search engines as per their field, the real estate sector has also jumped in utilizing their exclusive search engines to reach growing demands of the people. The property search engines are a new way of finding your desired properties at your convenience. It allows people with the right property details to make perfect property investments, there many websites that offer a complete list of property search facility to buy, sell and renting both commercial and residential properties all around India.

Although an idea of searching and booking real estate properties through search engines is still in its growing stage, more people look up property portals or websites to get the knowledge of recent events and upcoming projects in realty sector, and check the market value of the properties that they wish.

Here is a list of 5 popular search engines, which can help you in property buy and sell in India.


MagicBricks is one of the best and convenient real estate service portals to use with. It provides complete information on the property market. The site not only provides property buy and sell, but also property rentals. It also offers some other important services like online chat, survey, articles and Gurutalks with some property experts.


99Acres has been on a roll for a while and is definitely a useful search engine, which holds a range of services for the real estate agents and property buyers. The site has a Q&A section that is more useful to the buyers and their queries. It has also some other useful sections for property news and articles. 99Acres has a new value added section that is for property rentals and home loans.


IndiaProperty is one of the renowned real estate site launched in 2006, it provides best property marketing solutions serving property agents, builders, and homeowners to rent or sell their properties. IndiaProperty provides seasonal property deals and useful housing information’s. While, offers a user-friendly search interface for property buyers, which would be more useful to any buyers to search and find properties as per their requirements all across India.


Commonfloor offers extensive online services to the home seekers, home sellers, and real estate agents. They offer a conceivable property details with a huge amount active property listings across many cities of India. With a user-friendly search interface, Commonfloor provides a vast range of property matters ranging from property maintenance, facility management, home insurance and legal issues.


Housing.com is also on the good list of housing portals in India. The site with its easy to use web interface and technology makes it a delight for property seekers. It offers a range of real estate information’s, which allows you to search for a house for rental or for sale at ease. Housing.com carries a huge amount real-time property photos that ensures all your nearby amenities like school, college, shop, bank, ATM etc.

Therefore, these popular search engines offer varied property deals to the customers such as property buy, sell, and rent. Hence, to withstand their property business they keep up their websites and portals through the Internet and offer special services through the search engines such as pricing details, property photos, and videos etc.

So, the online real estate search is getting easier today’s. It has become easy to find an affordable property in India. Consequently, there is no doubt that these search engines saves time and money. Moreover, most of these sites offer free services. Therefore, it’s good to try such real-estate search engines.

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